«Meridian Industrial Technologies Ltd.»


«Meridian Industrial Technologies Ltd.» was founded in 2009, A fast-growing company, that

provides our partners the best petrochemicals and products for hydrocarbon fuels in Russian,

Ukraine and Indian market.


«Meridian Industrial Technologies Ltd.» has exclusive distribution rights of H2OIL

corporation in Russia, Ukraine, India and CIS. Offering solutions to business partners in

formalizing of productsprocesses and marketing.

«Meridian Industrial Technologies Ltd.» recently signed an partnership agreement with

the Chinese company : «Puyang Jiahua Chemical Co., for new and high-technology petro

chemical additives, our Chinese partner has facility of  researches, developments,

.productions of petrochemical products.


Our Mission

Provide the best quality of service and new innovative fuel additive technologies.




Our marketing team provides a set of marketing tools to our clients for branding fuel.

The range of our services includes analysis of the market in the regions, analysis of business

processes of our customerscompany, developing of marketing strategies , development of

promotion plans, Achieving promotion plans, analysis of results, make recommendations for

our clients for Branded fuel.


Our marketing services could be provided in the form of consulting with the provision of our

technical experts and having a discussion with your companiesspecialists.


Also, our company had already having a standard of marketing  solutions - brand fuels, visual

design, pos material, promotion plan.



Our slogan : Technologies that Create Solutions!



12 Krasnopresnenskaya embankment, Moscow, Russia

World Trade Center, Entrance № 6. office № 648/650

Telephone: +7 495 258-20-13, +7 495 983-01-33

fax: +7 495 258-20-05

e-mail: info@merintech.com

web: www.merintech.com / www.h2oil.ru / www.tkeefuel.ru