Octane Booster «Fly Fuel 5001»

Purpose of the product:

The new generation of Octane Booster is designed to increase the octane number (antiknock) of gasolines. It can increase the Research Octane Number (RON) and Motor Octane Number (MON). Recommended for the gasoline production of Class 5 (according to Technical Regulation of Customs Union).


Improve quality and combustion efficiency of fuel.

Expand the storage life of gasoline.

Non-metal, (such as lead, iron and manganese).


Perfectly compliant with the Technical Regulation of Customs Union of class 5.

The technology of mixing:

Octane Booster «Fly Fuel 5001» can be mixed in tank farm or in pipeline. Before decide the proper dosage, better to do the analysis. When adding Octane Booster on an industrial scale, for its uniform distribution is necessary to use specialized equipment for mixing. By adding every 1% of Octane Booster «Fly Fuel 5001» could increase the value of RON about 2 to 3 points.

Packing, transportation and storage:

1. This additive is packaged in galvanized iron drums, net weight - 180 kg. or in bulk. 

2. During transportation it should be closed tightly, away from rain and sunlight.

3. Store in a dry and well ventilated warehouse.  Keep it away from heat and fire.